Rent Byliv: A Cleaner Copenhagen

I think we’ve all agreed by now that Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe. From historical towers & churches, to modern Nordic architecture – you’ll find some of the most photogenic and cozy streets in here.

However if you actually live in Copenhagen, you’re probably also familiar with the littering problem (…let’s all picture Nørreport on a Friday night). Despite having bins literally around each corner on the street (did you know there are more trash cans than 7-elevens in the city?), you still see trash being dumped everywhere.

It is especially plastic waste and cigarette butts that creates problems. Plastic waste often ends up in the ocean, where it interferes with the ocean’s ecosystem and poses a danger to marine wildlife. Cigarettes are a big problem because the large number of cigarette butts, that a left around Copenhagen every day, just look around any Copenhagen bus stop. The cigarette butts take up to 5 years to decompose in nature.

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Hygge is not only just another aesthetic trend. It’s an outlook on life, and here’s why

Hygge. A concept that I have never heard of before arriving at Copenhagen, yet has taken the internet by storm lately. Countless blogpost, articles and even books have been published about it, teaching people how they can implement a bit of this Danish sense of ‘cosyness’ to everyday living. If you don’t already know what hygge is, read this article and it might give you a basic idea of what this current internet craze is all about.

People seemed to have found many ways to display hygge. Good friends, loved ones –  20+ candles, dim lights! A warm cup of tea, a good book, and of course, a home cooked meal from our 40+ recipes! – What a way to monetise people’s longing for this Scandinavian way of quality living! Capital H hygge to capital P perfection. Sadly I see it as very ironic that, the essence of hygge (at least from the POV of an outsider living in Denmark) is being misunderstood, or worse, even twisted gradually into yet another aesthetic trend.

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