Rent Byliv: A Cleaner Copenhagen

I think we’ve all agreed by now that Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful capital cities in Europe. From historical towers & churches, to modern Nordic architecture – you’ll find some of the most photogenic and cozy streets in here.

However if you actually live in Copenhagen, you’re probably also familiar with the littering problem (…let’s all picture Nørreport on a Friday night). Despite having bins literally around each corner on the street (did you know there are more trash cans than 7-elevens in the city?), you still see trash being dumped everywhere.

It is especially plastic waste and cigarette butts that creates problems. Plastic waste often ends up in the ocean, where it interferes with the ocean’s ecosystem and poses a danger to marine wildlife. Cigarettes are a big problem because the large number of cigarette butts, that a left around Copenhagen every day, just look around any Copenhagen bus stop. The cigarette butts take up to 5 years to decompose in nature.


I’ve definitely lived in places of worse conditions in terms of littering – and this is exactly why I think it’s important for those living in Copenhagen to start taking better care of the city. A while ago, PlusRen from Copenhagen reached out to let me know their initiative Rent Byliv (Clean CityLife). As a B2B service company that specialises in cleaning exclusive businesses like boutiques and restaurants, they noticed the littering problem and decided to start their own non-profit initiative to organise volunteering events.

Rent Byliv med PlusRen2-1.jpg

The purpose of Rent ByLiv is to create debate on waste habits in public spaces, where waste is thrown in the streets, despite the many public garbage bins. A big part of this, is discussing the Danes’ culture regarding public spaces and trash, both during events and over social media.

PlusRen’s CEO & Co-Founder Andreas Legarth says:

“No matter where you are in Copenhagen, you see trash in the street and it’s a big problem. The problem isn’t if one person, once dumps a cigarette or leaves one plastic bottle on the street, the problem is that it’s almost normal to dump your trash in public spaces. With Rent ByLiv we hope to spark a debate on the consequences for the environment, when you dump garbage on the street. Waste doesn’t disappear magically, it lies there and becomes a problem for others, while it pollutes the environment. My wife and I brought our kids to an event with Rent ByLiv, where we collected garbage, and we all suddenly became very aware of our waste habits and what habits we would like to have.”


I’m really glad to have came across PlusRen and would love to participate in one of the events when I’m back in Copenhagen. You can find out more about the company and their volunteering events here. (or via the social media links below.) It’s also a great way for expats or those who find difficult to integrate into Danish culture to take initiative. Nonetheless, nothing makes you feel more involved in the community than taking care of it 🙂

Rent Byliv med PlusRen: Facebook / Instagram



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