4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make New Year Resolutions

Happy new year, and I hope you all are excited about 2017!

INTENT is a new project I’ve been planning for months and is finally launching. This is a lifestyle blog dedicated to writing about mindfulness, self-growth and minimalistic living. As I’m based in Copenhagen, I’m also excited to share with you my life as an expat – and of course, all the things people are always hyped about Scandinavian lifestyle!

It just so happens that INTENT is starting in January 2017, and perhaps some might see it as a kick off to my new year. See, if you have a short browse online you will easily find countless of blogposts on “20+ new year resolutions you should be making this year” and such.

The thing is, I reckon that one second between last day of 2016 and beginning of 2017 is entirely over-rated.

Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t be making New Year’s resolutions

1.There’s no such thing as a ‘fresh start’ – Let’s be honest. Time is fluid, past you will not be trapped behind the doors of 2016 and leave 2017 you alone. The mindset of ‘starting new’ and ‘getting rid of everything bad’ doesn’t actually encourage improvement. Self-growth shouldn’t be focusing on erasing and ignoring what’s in the past and just “take a huge leap and look ahead!”. Instead, always think of the mistakes you’ve made and remember them. Keep them there, sharp in your head when you are making decisions in 2017 – this is more likely going to motivate you.

2.Ironically at the same time, everyday can be a fresh start as well – Yep. Whilst I believe that fragments of your past are what determine the present and future you, this also means that there are endless possibilities to build up the ideal self you want to achieve.

3.You will find new goals along the way – Setting New Year’s resolutions puts people into the mindset that this is the only time you should be, or need to be making goals. Instead as time passes by, you will most likely discover new opportunities and directions that are MUCH more exciting than that 10 short sentences you wrote on 1st of January.

4.Instead, thank the 2016 you! – Rather than spending time to set up concrete ‘to-do’ actions for 2017, it’s probably more important to remember how the past you has taken care and allowed growth to become who you are now. Instead of dwelling on what qualities you want to get rid of, try and reflect on what you would like to bring on from 2016 to the future self.

Don’t get me wrong, setting goals are great for personal growth. But don’t feel obligated to set them at the beginning of the year, and don’t limit yourself only to targets you set in the first month of the year.

What do you think? We’re a week in 2017, and after the holiday seasons I hope you’re all getting back on track with whatever amazing opportunities you have in life.

INTENT will be updating weekly. You can also find us on:

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